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Forget horror movies - nothing will scare the Stag like a walk through a creepy horror house in Zagreb.

Your Stag is just about to take the biggest leap of faith in his life – He’s going to get married. Compared to the unknown future waiting ahead of him, this haunted house should be a walk in the park. Show him the support he deserves.

If you’re brave enough to cop some spine shivering experiences, Zagreb Haunted House is just for you. 

After one step into this haunted house, the hairs on the back of your neck will stand up, and your heart rate will quicken.  What will you find inside Zagreb's famous haunted house? You’ll only be able to find the answer if you find the courage to enter. Don’t chicken out now.


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  • Horror House Zagreb

This is a proposed itinerary. The start times can be organized according to the group’s wishes.
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